Case Studies

NHS Northamptonshire

NHS Northamptonshire combined a move to its new headquarters with a datacentre refresh. The key goal was to reduce the trust’s costs and carbon footprint by cutting power consumption. The Primary Care Trust (PCT) also wanted to maximise data protection and system stability.

I saw the move as a great opportunity to identify potential savings and design an innovative, energy efficient datacenter from the ground up. The team purchased additional M600 blades, along with VMware ESX server virtualization software to minimise physical hardware requirements through the deployment of virtual machines. Eventually, all will be Dell PowerEdge M600 blade servers or PowerEdge 2950 servers. The PCT also chose a Dell/EMC CX3-20 storage area network (SAN) for secure, manageable storage.

Our aim was to make the new server room as efficient and green as possible. Dell used its strategic partnership with power and cooling specialist APC to introduce the expertise we needed. Thanks to the Dell/APC project, our carbon footprint will drop by approximately 121 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the output of 39 cars.

NHS Northamptonshire

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